So as you've probably noticed our blog has been neglected for several months. This is mainly because:

1. If i'm completely honest i created it as more of a customary token due to peer pressure, because every business today has a blog.

2. I didn't think i had anything revolutionary to say or share. My go to tea blogs are World of Tea, Tea for me please and Kathy YL Chan, and i felt like they covered it all, so what was i going to add to the conversation?

3. Why do something, if you are not going to give it your all and do something constructive!

Well over the first few years of the month, since finally starting to shamelessly promote my business a question i hear a lot has been why tea and what does T&Co. offer that's different?

And while it seems pretty standard, i realized that this is a good question and going forward i intend to continually answer it in everything we do at T&Co. So our blog will simply be an extension of our personality, which is one of our greatest differentiators. 

We will look at tea culture, share cocktail recipes, monday morning rants and hold continuous conversation about what makes life so colorful over tea.




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