• 10- Tea fun Facts :)

    Hello, Tea lovers!

    Here are some fun tea facts for you to drink more tea!

    1. When making a pot of tea pour hot water into the teapot to warm it before you make your tea : ).

    2. The art of reading tea leaves is called Tasseography.

    3. Milk used to be poured into a cup before the tea, to protect the delicate china (not necessary).

    4. Black tea is made from leaves that are fermented and then heated, to remove the moisture, and the heat turns the leaves black.  

    5. Earl Grey tea was named after a 19th-century British diplomat in China.

    6.Herbal Teas are not actually teas because they don't contain leaves from the plant Camellia Sinensis. Instead, they are infusions made from the roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits.       

    7. Tea Strainers or infusers baskets allows tea leaves room to expand, producing a better quality tea.      

    8. loose tea remains good for about 2 years, provided you keep it away from light and moisture.

    9. Tea bags are good for about six months before they lose their quality or flavour.     

    10. Matcha (The popular tea beverage) is a powdered green tea, used in Japanese ceremonies.      

    Hope you like them :)

    If you have any more facts, feel free to share them--->


    Posted by Juliana Garcia