• Women's Wednesday: Women in a man's business

    Browsing the internet I came across this interesting article by Amy Covey for World of Tea. Here she shares how the tea world is evolving, in major tea producing countries such as China, where business tradition is always lead by the man.
    "western ideals of gender equality are slowly permeating the patriarchal social systems of China, and more women are beginning to participate in their family’s business."
    According to the author, since women are in managerial roles, the farm production is more organized, and these leaders are more prepared to be involved in every aspect of the operations.
    The influence of higher education is another factor that is revolutionizing the tea. Men and women who have access to it have brought knowledge and technology to the industry.
    In conclusion, female lead tea farms have proved that are as efficient and more responsive than the ones lead by man reinforcing why patriarchy models are obsolete and gender equality is needed to build a better society.
    Here's the link to the full article: 

    Women in Tea: Not Just a Gentlemen’s Business?

    Posted by Juliana Garcia