• Women's Wednesday- A Little iInspiration

    Hello, Tea Lovers!

    As you all know here in T&co we like to cherish women, and this week we'd like to talk send some good energy, encourage your self-care with our products and to share some inspiration, to empower us and make us more confident in our skin.

    As you know, we all suffer from other people scrutiny which sometimes doesn't make us feel 100% satisfied with ourselves, and with all of this modern constantly public life, appearances have become more and more important and we have to live up to impossible standards.  

    But don't panic, there are a lot of people (and growing) that want to say stop to this appearance abuse and turn confident back to women.

    This week I ran into a blog that does that, is called The Naked diaries  and their promise is to empower mind body and soul, here they share women's incredible stories of love, survival, activism, physical struggle and their gorgeous untouched pictures with the means of putting an end to this fake and sexist world, the community is also huge on Instagram you can follow them @thenakediaries and this is another way to connect and reach out to women with our same goals.

    Please enjoy their articles and stories with a cup of tea, and if you have any blog or account that inspires you, feel free to share it with us in the comments----->

    Image by thenakediaries

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  • Women's Wednesday- Girls, have more tea please!


    For this women's Wednesday I wanted to share with you new benefits that have been credited to female tea regular users. According to GEN (Genetic, Engineering, and Biotechnology News)  "Female Tea Drinkers See Epigenetic Changes in Cancer and Hormone Genes" What does this mean? Epigenetic means that something nongenetic can influence on your actual genes,  in this article, a group of researchers from Upsala University were looking into the effects of drinking tea and coffee on the DNA methylation, and during their studies they found out that it had a positive impact on female users, where "28 regions known for triggering estrogen production and cancerous tumors that were differentially methylated". which means that it can change, decrease and delay the formation of cancer.

    Even though according to the author this is a subject that is going to need further research this is great news for all of us tea lovers!

    To read the full article click here

    Can you believe that something so simple would have such great impact on your health?

    Share your comments below!


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  • Tea and Art

    Happy Labor day to you all!

    During this long weekend, I paid a visit to the windy City, just to find out that inspiration comes when you least expect it. 

    I was  at The Chicago Arts Institute and in one of the first wings I entered I found an exhibition called "The Practice of Tea from the Edo Period to Today" this room featured classical oriental teaware, the description,  I thought,  would be interesting to share with you:

    "Wares used for the serving of tea or a light meal, such as water containers, kettles, dishes, drinking bowls, caddies to hold the powdered tea, and other utensils, were avidly acquired and highly prized. Equally admired as part of the ritual were purely decorative elements such as prized calligraphy samples or ink paintings that were often hung in the tokonoma (alcove). In Edo period Japan (1615–1868), the tea ceremony provided a forum for appreciating and collecting these works of art. Items displayed and used included objects from China, Japan, Korea, and, beginning in the 17th century, the West. Some of these wares, passed among aficionados as gifts or bought for high prices, took on such fame that they were referred to by nicknames. In time, three different styles of tea service emerged. The formal manner was developed by the Ashikaga shoguns (1336–1573) and included items imported from China. Semiformal wares featured refined Japanese items or those imported from Korea. Asymmetrical or flawed objects, often with imprecise decoration, are the hallmarks of the informal mode.

    Endo period teaware

    Another thing that was clear in the description is that tea was used as a ritual where people gather to put the concerns of their daily life a side, these ornamental pieces were made with  such detail that its form is considered a form of art but lately the world doesn't attribute the necessary attention to the tea ware, serving it in coffee mugs or to go cups and without the proper utensils. That is why tea and Company make it easier for you, giving you the full experience and giving back the importance of tea ware. 

    Share your thoughts on this post, or if you want to know more about tea ware.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.



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  • Rooibos Latte

    Sharing some ideas featuring our latest tea:

    Share your tea ideas on the comments ----->


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