I've been meaning to sit down and write something because i would like to begin a conversation with you guys over tea.

In my mind it will be this little corner of the internet where you can find random musings, life observations, sweet treat recommendations, and maybe even weird news stories i've stumbled across and think would be nice to get into with a spot of tea.

So this week, actually today, no, you know what? Specifically right now, i am sipping on some green tea trying to warm up on this cold, gloomy Friday, as i wait for my lunch and dessert to be delivered and try to come up with something to share.

It's taken me about 2 hours to get into this because i've been overthinking it, so i think i'll just share something that's making me happy and been such an obsession lately. Have you heard about the enneagram?

I love it! It's got the accuracy of Myers Briggs but reads you like a rude Aunty. 

Do yours and feel free to share the results. I'm diagnosing everyone in my life and it's giving me so much more empathy and insight as we all have very specific unspoken battles that influence who we are whether or not we admit it.

If this is your jam, do the test here and read your detailed analysis here.

And if it is not, just skip on to my exciting new food find, that you too must try on a cold day in Nairobi Pork Ramen.

Have a great weekend Tea Fam!







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