• Tea ware, why is it important?

    Hello, tea lovers!

    I hope all of you had a nice weekend, today I would like to share more of the incredible benefits that tea, one of the healthiest beverages in the world, offers:


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    And if you use tea to soothe other problems let me know in the comments :)

    Posted by Juliana Garcia
  • Women's Wednesday- Girls, have more tea please!


    For this women's Wednesday I wanted to share with you new benefits that have been credited to female tea regular users. According to GEN (Genetic, Engineering, and Biotechnology News)  "Female Tea Drinkers See Epigenetic Changes in Cancer and Hormone Genes" What does this mean? Epigenetic means that something nongenetic can influence on your actual genes,  in this article, a group of researchers from Upsala University were looking into the effects of drinking tea and coffee on the DNA methylation, and during their studies they found out that it had a positive impact on female users, where "28 regions known for triggering estrogen production and cancerous tumors that were differentially methylated". which means that it can change, decrease and delay the formation of cancer.

    Even though according to the author this is a subject that is going to need further research this is great news for all of us tea lovers!

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    Can you believe that something so simple would have such great impact on your health?

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    Posted by Juliana Garcia