Time is whizzing by.. It's almost Valentine's Day already! Yikes, how did that happen? [insert shocked face here] And if like us, you've been postponing getting started on your resolutions, then you'd better hop to it! It'll be Spring before we know it. 

One of my resolutions this year is to drink my own cool-aid. Literally. It's not that i haven't been drinking several cups of our awesome tea everyday but rather that i haven't been great at reserving 15 minutes of alone time to regularly reconnect with my boyfriend or better yet with myself.

Working on the business full time and living with a partner who is also running his own start up means lots of hours spent in front of our computers in the same room but not actually together.

So i decided to up the ante and create a solution for both of us to prioritize a few minutes together each day, not talking about work, or chores or making plans but just spending 15 minutes day dreaming and laughing together over tea.

It'll be an adjustment but I have written up a contract, to cement our commitment and i promise to keep you posted on how it goes. You are welcome to join us and write out your own, so we've included a tea contract in our T & A Date box for you and yours. 

I'm looking very forward to hearing with whom and how you commit to reconnecting with what's important to you this year.


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  • Posted On November 28, 2016 by Suhaib

    Great post, I would love to try the tea sometime. Is it available only through the online store?

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