White Tea is the middle child of the tea family! It is delicate, distinct, unique and honestly quite unforgettable, but gets overlooked 9/10ths of the time (as I am now a happy, balanced middle child, i feel like i have the right to say this!). I have been drinking tea since i have been able to speak and only tried my first cup last year.

Of all teas, white teas are the easiest to drink. They undergo very minimal processing, so they are plucked, withered and dried. Unlike darker teas, usually no artificial heat is applied to the tea buds and leaves and they are allowed to wither naturally by air drying. This type of tea is native to China, specifically the Fujian Province and dates back to well before the 1700s.

I chose white tea for October, as it is as subtle as summers end. It is the perfect place to start drinking tea for non tea drinkers, because it is as rich if not richer in antioxidants and polyphenols as green tea but is much more palatable. In fact, cold brewing white tea activates its nutrients further and is a great way to refresh throughout the day.

Cheers to the end of summer and the beginning of an exciting tea journey!




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