Lala Salama Brew

This caffeine free herbal tisane combines soothing chamomile with lemongrass, lavender and lemon verbena to create an earthy sweet brew in a mug. The perfect evening cuppa that sends you right to sleep. Caffeine Level - NoneSteeping Notes - sweet, clean finish- Use 2 teaspoon of tea per cup and steep at...


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SIPP Tea Strainer

This gold plated stainless steel sieve has a deep basket that fits into several different cup sizes and allows you to steep any size tea leaves with enough room to roll and unfurl. It is perfect for your home and office tea brewing as it fits into mugs and cups...


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SIPP Bold Tea™ Sampler

These mini sampler kits are the perfect way to discover your new favourite tea or introduce your friends to SIPP Bold Teas. They are an excellent stocking filler, thank you gift or simple birthday surprise.  The pink selection includes our 4 best-selling teas: Nairobi Chai, Babu Chai, Turmeric Tonic Loose...

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SIPP Milk Frother

A strong stainless steel slim bodied tool that brings cafe style lattes to life in the comfort of your home. Enjoy barista quality tea and coffee at the touch of a button, after you slip in 2 AAA batteries, of course. This milk frother has a powerful high torque motor...


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