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Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed Time is our most precious commodity, so what better gift to receive or give than time spent together. Spoil the amazing dad in your life by starting his day off right. Tea: Red Rooibos or Vanilla Rooibos Treat: Paleo Blueberry Muffins with Berry Preserves Tunes: Pop & Folk by...

$ 32.00

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Matcha Kit

Whether you are new to matcha or a seasoned matcha drinker, our matcha kit gives you the required utensils to brew a delicious bowl of great tea. Chawan (matcha bowl) Chashaku (bamboo matcha spoon) Chasen (bamboo whisk) 2 serving sample of Ceremonial Matcha + brewing instructions

$ 60.00

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Simply Organic

Clean. This is a selection of caffeine free, purely organic tea and tisanes to keep you at your peak throughout the day. Organic Ceremonial Matcha Organic Turmeric Organic Rooibos

$ 40.00

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Social Tea

Teatime. This selection of tea blends feature unique infusions that were made to be shared, discussed and enjoyed as a cozy companion to laughter filled gatherings. The ultimate party gift! Peach White Tea Mocha Nut Mate New England Chai

$ 29.00

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