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T & Me

Gotta break free? If you need to soothe away the strain of the day, take the edge off your stressful commute, or simply take a few minutes out to find your zen, then this is your new best friend! Tea + A Treat + Tunes = Zen Subscribe today and we'll refresh your tea,...

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T & You

Tea to the Rescue! Know someone who needs to take a break? Give them an excuse to indulge! Remind them just how special they are and how much you care. Loose Tea + A Treat + A Greeting Card = Gratitude .. And we'll throw in a free tea cup to get...

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T & Us

This tea is made for lovers. It captures the essence of tea culture - taking you on a journey to discover the rich flavor of a new tea over great conversation and delectable treats. Loose Tea + Treats + A Conversation Starter = Lots of laughs.  Plus we'll include a pair of tea cups to get you started!...

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T & Friends

Looking for a fun way to celebrate? This is it. Assemble the squad and leave everything to us. We've got you! Loose Tea + Treats + A Conversation Starter + A Tea Recipe = Awesome Memories Plus we include a free tea set to start you off! Subscribe today and we'll send you...

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Matcha Kit

Whether you are new to matcha or a seasoned matcha drinker, our matcha kit gives you the required utensils to brew a delicious bowl of great tea. Chawan (matcha bowl) Chashaku (bamboo matcha spoon) Chasen (bamboo whisk) 2 serving sample of Ceremonial Matcha + brewing instructions

$ 60.00

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Simply Organic

Clean. This is a selection of caffeine free, purely organic tea and tisanes to keep you at your peak throughout the day. Organic Ceremonial Matcha Organic Turmeric Organic Rooibos

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Social Tea

Teatime. This selection of tea blends feature unique infusions that were made to be shared, discussed and enjoyed as a cozy companion to laughter filled gatherings. The ultimate party gift! Peach White Tea Mocha Nut Mate New England Chai

$ 29.00

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